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Trauma. From Pathology to Growth - Kallay Eva       Trauma. From Pathology to Growth

Cartea -Trauma. From pathology to growth, de Kallay Eva, analizeaza problematica reactiilor posttraumatice in diverse situatii de viata si abordarea lor din punct de vedere al psihodiagnosticului si al interventiilor psihoterapeutice. Autoarea descrie lumea traumei, stresul posttraumatic, rezilienta, evolutia sau regresul posttraumatic si prezinta tehnicile si strategiile de interventie terapeutica eficiente.

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Editura: ASCR
Colectia: Psihologul expert
Pagini: 354
Anul aparitiei: 2011
Editia originala: 2011
Publicatie in limba engleza
Coperta: Simpla (Paperback)
Dimensiuni: 165 mm x 240 mm
ISBN: 978-973-7973-61-0

Pagini din carte


Cuprinsul cartii


Chapter 1
Negative posttraumatic reactions

Chapter 2
Possible posttraumatic reactions

Chapter 3
Posttraumatic growth

Chapter 4
Assessment and psychotherapeutic interventions of posttraumatic reactions

Final conclusions

Fragmente din carte


Among all other species, human race has experienced the most unimaginable traumas: world wars, horrible pandemics, repressive regimes, global crises, prisons, slaving etc. No one of any other species has faced something similar. Despite all these traumas, and sometimes also because of them, we are the only one specie capable to build better and safer societies, to write poems, to compose music, to produce science and technology, to innovate continuously. Our grandeur resides in our resilience and post-traumatic growth, not in our misery.

Eva Kallay's book is a psychological inquiry into the world of trauma, posttraumatic stress, resilience, and posttraumatic growth. It relies on a comprehensive and critical review of the literature, from psychopathology to philosophy, testifying an impressive capacity of the author to find patterns and communalities there where an inexperienced researcher would find only epistemic relativism.

It is a book elaborated according to the real state of the art and knowledge in the domain of posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth. Theories and explanatory models are carefully exploited to draw relevant consequences for assessment and interventions. It is an obligatory reading for any student interested on the depths and heights of the human mind.

Prof. dr. Mircea Miclea

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